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Onidakara or Spiritus Hominis is a sub-breed of human that gains powers from what assumed to be mutated genetics.
There are five main types of onidakara here we will be telling you basic info about them in 1...2...3...


Basic info
-Telepaths includes telekinesis
-Generally brightly colored
-Hair changes color from the original natural color to the
-Melting eyes/mouths/hands/ect unknown if internal organs count
-Hair and melting body part mostly start appearing/changing color during adolescence/puberty
-Can infuse objects with power
-Hard to controll/contain
-physically weak


Basic info
-Can turn into beasts
-This type is mostly female
-Eyes are black with a single color
-Beast forms look like large dogs with different types of horns
-Horns are the same color as eyes
-Unbelievably strong


-Have at least 5 different forms
-Each form has a particular power
This is very simple one


-they can control an element (I.E fire,water,lighting,ect)
-Often agile
-immune to there own element
-The polar opposite to their element will weaken them to a point to a point


-Have birds wings
-Any species of bird
-Susceptible to multiple diseases
-Can and will eat food eaten by birds
-Can fly
And there are many though rarer one that don't fit in theses categories.And feel free to make your character what ever you want.
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